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  • Communications

    Our projects are driven by clear and engaging communications strategies. Public consultation and engagement is integral to our process and crucial to the success of projects in complex urban environments.

  • Landscape Architecture

    We have designed open spaces, parks, streetscapes, and squares in a wide variety of urban contexts for public, institutional, and private sector clients. Our team specializes in environmental design, sustainable landscape practices, landscape management, landscape heritage, and policy development.

  • Planning

    Our firm has a wealth of experience in community planning that ranges in size and scope from revitalizing historic downtowns to designing new towns and communities. We believe in creating implementable physical-and policy-based plans.

  • Urban Design

    Urban design is about building vibrant and liveable environments that meet the needs of a diversity of users. We combine the experience of urban planners, architects, and landscape architects to drive beautiful, functional urban design.

The Firm and People


The Planning Partnership was established in 1995 as a combination of firms and individuals with a mutual passion for all aspects of community-building. Today, our practice combines the broadly defined disciplines of urban design, communications, planning and landscape architecture. We work at all scales, from regional to municipal to community to neighbourhood to site-specific, and in both urban and rural settings. We work for local and regional municipalities, major institutions, community groups, business associations and the private sector.


The Planning Partnership’s objective is to create award-winning projects, studies and plans for healthy and sustainable development. We have specific expertise planning and designing downtowns, urban centres and corridors, campuses, parks, streetscapes, waterfronts, and transit oriented development. We do research, we plan and we design. We embrace collaboration and work closely with our clients and everyone with a stake in our projects. Our work is based on a deep understanding of market, economic and policy realities. We are:


  • >  Specialists in COMMUNICATIONS and ENGAGEMENT, ensuring community involvement is effective at framing and influencing every stage of our planning and design projects;
  • >  URBAN DESIGNERS who design the public and private realms to create beautiful, accessible, healthy and sustainable communities, neighbourhoods and places;
  • >  LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS who conceptualize, design and oversee the construction of open spaces, parks, urban squares and streetscapes;
  • >  URBAN ECOLOGISTS who integrate the biological requirements of successful and healthy urban forests and horticultural elements into all of our landscape designs;
  • >  PLANNERS who prepare effective policy frameworks and pragmatic implementation strategies to achieve the distinct social, economic, cultural and environmental objectives of our clients; and,
  • >  DEVELOPMENT PLANNERS who offer expert advice, OMB testimony and who facilitate development.

    Principal, B.E.S, M.L.A, OALA, FCSLA

    Donna is a landscape architect with a proven ability to manage multidisciplinary teams for waterfront master plans, downtown plans, community plans and campus master plans. She is well known for her skills in designing and facilitating complex community engagement strategies and has facilitated hundreds of public consultation programs. She specializes in projects that engage communities through open and collaborative processes, and designs her strategies based on the project-specific needs and interests of the stakeholders. Donna is the past president of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects and has taught in the landscape architecture schools at the University of Toronto and the University of Guelph. She has been a juror for the Town of Oakville Urban Design Awards, City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Awards and the City of Mississauga Urban Design Awards. She has also been a competition advisor for the University of Toronto, City of Toronto, Oxford Properties and the Yorkville Business Improvement Association.

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 224

    Principal, BES, MCIP, RPP

    Over his 20 years of experience as a land use planner and development consultant, Bruce has worked extensively with both public and private sector clients, lending him a uniquely balanced approach to planning and development. His public sector experience includes the preparation of major planning research, policy studies, and land use and zoning regulations for municipalities and other government agencies across Ontario. Bruce has also provided strategic advice and consulting services to private sector clients, including developers, investors, and landowners, and has coordinated multidisciplinary teams in the development of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects.

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 234

    Principal, BLA, OALA

    Wai Ying is a thoughtful landscape architect, urban designer and project manager with over 20 years of combined experience successfully completing public and private sector projects that touch upon all aspects of community planning, design and implementation.  Wai Ying has a strong understanding of the planning context and approvals processes, and regularly works with multidisciplinary teams to create master plans, secondary plans, block plans, streetscape plans and site designs.

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 233

    Principal, BES, MCIP, RPP

    Ron has a long-standing reputation for excellence in managing complex planning projects and devising successful implementation strategies. Over the past 30+ years, he has gained extensive experience writing official plans, secondary plans, zoning by-laws and associated amendments on behalf of municipal clients, including many projects addressing provincial policy, growth management and urban structure issues. Ron has carried out complex research assignments for provincial ministries, municipalities and other agencies related to the development of public policy.  He has also appeared as an expert witness at numerous Ontario Municipal Board hearings.

    Ron is responsible for the policy components of The Planning Partnership’s community planning and urban design assignments throughout Canada and the United States.  He has lectured at the University of Toronto, the University of Guelph and the University of Waterloo, and has been a presenter at OPPI and CIP Conferences.  Ron is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Bloor-Yorkville Business Improvement Area.

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 227

    Principal, BLA, OALA, FCSLA, MCIP, RPP

    David is a recognized leader in public realm design with over 25 years of experience in landscape architecture and urban design. David’s award-winning projects in Canada and the United States focus on place-making in the public realm and developing creative pedestrian priority strategies for urban spaces. Many of David’s designs incorporate significant cultural heritage elements and ecologically sensitive design strategies. He is currently the Chair of the City of Ottawa’s Urban Design Review Panel, a member of the City of Toronto’s Public Art Advisory Committee, and a member of the Toronto Community Housing Design Review Panel.

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 229

    Principal, BLA, M.Arch
    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 253

    Principal, BSc, MSc P, GDHort, MLA, ASLA, ISA Certified Arborist

    Working at the intersection of landscape architecture and arboricultural ecology, Michael develops landscapes that push the boundaries of design resiliency. Michael’s design philosophy is rooted in renegotiating the delicate balance between urban and natural processes, in such a way that reveals natural environments in a connected, and wholesome manner. His background in biological and ecological sciences provides a strong scientific foundation that informs The Planning Partnership’s work.

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 245

    Senior Advisor, BA, Dip CP, MES, FCIP, RPP

    Dan is widely recognized for his role in the planning, design, and development of new communities throughout Ontario. His work focuses on community planning at a range of scales, with an emphasis on urban design, sustainability and public health. Dan is an adjunct professor at the University of Guelph and has taught urban design at the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo. Dan co-chairs the Canadian LEED-ND review committee and is a Board Member with the Council on Canadian Urbanism and Active Healthy Kids Canada. He is a member of the Mississauga Design Review Panel and former Vice-chair of the Toronto Design Review Panel.

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 230

    Senior Advisor, BArch, MSc, OAA, MCIP, RPP

    Rick is an Associate Partner and has practiced as both an architect and urban planner for over 35 years. As an urban designer, Rick develops feasibility studies, urban design plans and guidelines, community design plans, and architectural controls. Rick’s unique experience ranges from implementing large-scale urban and suburban master plans to site-specific redevelopment projects, making him ideally suited for projects that combine both design and planning expertise.

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 231
  • Robin Chubb

    Associate, BLA, MUD
    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 223
  • Brett Hoornaert

    Associate, BSc, MLA
    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 246
  • Stacey McCulloch

    Senior Urban Designer and Planner, BES, MLA, MCIP, RPP

    Associate, BES, MLA, MCIP, RPP
    T: 416.975.1556 x237
  • Tonya Crawford

    Associate,  BEDs, MLA
    T: 416.975.1556 x273
  • Luke Kairys

    Associate, BSc, OALA, CSLA, LEED AP BD + C
    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 251
  • Mike Hudson

    Senior Urban Designer, BLA
    T: 416.975.1556 ext 250
  • Ana Isabel Aulestia

    Senior Urban Designer, BA.Arch

    Senior Urban Designer, BArch
    T: 416.975.1556 x282
  • Aida Patricio

    T: 416.975.1556 x238

  • Sandra V. Murillo-Morales

    B.Arch, BAA, MES
    T: 416.975.1556 x283
  • Tyler Bradt

    BES, DipLA, MLA
    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 247

  • Jennifer Williamson

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 241
  • Arthur Grabowski

    H.Ba, M.Pl
    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 258
  • Catriona Moggach

    BAH, M.Pl
    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 256
  • Naomi Zwolinski

    T: 416.975.1556 x232
  • Jessica Krushnisky

    BES, MScPl
    T: 416.975.1556 x244
  • Adam Harrison

    BASc, BURPl
    T: 416.975.1556 x254
  • Vincent Racine

     B.Sc, M.Pl
    T: 416.975.1556 x255
  • Sarah Ko

    B.A. B.Sc. MLA
    T: 416.975.1556 x257
  • Suhanija Arullsothy

    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 259
  • Evan Wittmann

    BA, BURPl
    T: 416.975.1556 x280
  • Katie Strang

    BFA, MLA, ISA Certified Arborist
    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 260
  • Tishya Modwal

    BArch, MUD
    T: 416.975.1556 ext. 261


Address: 1255 Bay Street, Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 2A9
Telephone: 416.975.1556
Facsimile: 416.975.1580
Email: info (at) planpart (dot) ca

To contact members of our team directly, refer to Firm & People for emails and telephone extensions.

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