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Avenue Segment Studies

Private Clients, Toronto, ON | 2007-2014

The City of Toronto Official Plan identifies important arterial corridors as “Avenues” that will be targeted for re-urbanization. The Avenues are characterized by a variety of conditions, but are typically low-rise and car-oriented. Over time these arterial corridors are intended to redevelop with new housing and jobs, an improved pedestrian environment and access to amenities. To facilitate redevelopment, Avenue Studies and Avenue Segment Studies are used to examine mixed use and intensification potential along these streets.

The Planning Partnership has prepared several Avenue Segment Studies within the City of Toronto, including along Dundas Street West at Runnymede Road, Dufferin Street at Lawrence Avenue, Danforth Avenue at Warden Avenue, Queen Street East at Broadview Avenue and O’Connor Avenue. For each study, our team reviewed planning policies, examined the land use and built form context, developed strategies for redevelopment of buildings, streetscapes, urban squares, parks and open space, and consulted with the community. Different scales of development were often examined and tested to develop  built form guidance with regard to scale and transition. The studies illustrate the short-term and long-term development potential of the avenue segment, in keeping with the urban design objectives for Avenues in the City of Toronto Official Plan.