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Distillery District

Cityscape, Toronto, ON | 2010-ongoing

The Planning Partnership is currently working with E.R.A Architects on a Landscape Rehabilitation Plan for the Distillery District, which is a designated National Historic Site. As a former industrial site converted to residential and commercial uses, this tourist destination lacked pedestrian realm amenities.  The design concept now under construction preserves the essential heritage values of the place while introducing elements for comfort, safety and year-round interest.

The Landscape Rehabilitation Plan was based on a simple principal of minimum intervention to preserve the heritage qualities and character of the site, combined with maximum social benefit.  The design incorporates accessible sidewalks, street trees, custom designed furniture, pedestrian scale and accent lighting, and a public art installation strategy.  Throughout the project, our team worked to gain support from City Departments including Culture, Heritage, Planning, Urban Design and Works and Emergency Services, and site plan approval.

Additionally, The Planning Partnership has worked on both of the new condominium buildings in the Distillery District, known as Clearspirit and Gooderham, and has implemented progressive landscape plans within a green roof context that include shared amenity space envisioned as outdoor living rooms, and larger social spaces for gatherings, all surrounded and delineated by a variety of lush gardens.

Together The Planning Partnership, Dream/Dundee and Cityscape Developments have realized a new landscape for the Distillery District that not only builds on the well-preserved existing architecture, but also implements a green strategy that redefines existing models of urban forestry with an exciting and unique species palette.