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Downtown Etobicoke Creek Revitalization Study: Urban Design And Land Use Study | The Planning Partnership |

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Downtown Etobicoke Creek Revitalization Study: Urban Design And Land Use Study

City of Brampton, ON | 2012-2014

The Planning Partnership led the urban design and landscape architecture component of the multi-disciplinary Downtown Etobicoke Creek Revitalization Study in the City of Brampton. Like many older settlements in Ontario, Brampton’s downtown was built on a waterfront, and is subject to Special Policy Area regulations that restrict new development within the floodplain. At the same time, Downtown Brampton is a provincially designated urban growth centre, targeted to achieve a minimum density of 200 residents and jobs per hectare by 2031. Within this context, the purpose of the study was to examine flood mitigation options that would facilitate appropriate forms of development in the downtown, thereby allowing the City to achieve provincial intensification objectives.

The Planning Partnership worked closely with the technical study consultants, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, and the City on a feasibility study to assess urban design and land use opportunities within the study area. The strategy developed by our firm seeks to incorporate flood protection infrastructure with an enhanced public realm and new open space amenities. The conceptual master plan incorporates sustainability measures to revitalize the Downtown Etobicoke Creek area, organized around the key theme of Brampton rediscovering and reconnecting to the river as a natural heritage system.