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Downtown Moves: Transforming Ottawa’s Streets | The Planning Partnership |

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Downtown Moves: Transforming Ottawa’s Streets

City of Ottawa, ON | 2011-2013

The Planning Partnership led the urban design and public realm design for Downtown Ottawa. The study, known as Downtown Moves, is a mobility study for Downtown Ottawa that identifies ways to make walking, cycling and transit more comfortable and convenient by restoring a balance amongst all street users, and strategically directing streetscape improvements. The streets in Downtown Ottawa have been dominated by bus traffic for decades. With the new LRT much of that traffic will disappear providing an opportunity to transform the streets into pedestrian and cycling spaces.

Downtown Moves will guide the streetscape, urban design and infrastructure renewal of approximately 30 km of municipal streets in downtown Ottawa. The final report provides guidelines and strategies to reinvigorate the quality and character of downtown streets, including prioritizing pedestrians, fostering a healthy and green urban environment, improving the cycling network and encouraging transit use by implementing new transit-interchange zones. The study also provides guidance on how to seamlessly integrate the future Downtown Confederation Line LRT stations at street level, and how to best leverage that investment to enhance mobility for all users.

Downtown Moves was the recipient of the 2014 CSLA National Citation Award for Planning & Analysis, and the City of Ottawa has already begun implementing the study’s recommendations.