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Markham Parkland Dedication By-law, Policies and Practices Review | The Planning Partnership |

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Markham Parkland Dedication By-law, Policies and Practices Review

City of Markham, ON | 2012-2013

The Planning Partnership and a team of advisors was retained by the City of Markham to undertake a major research project on parkland dedication policies and procedures. The project was initiated within context of the City’s accelerating transition from a largely suburban municipality to an increasingly urban municipality. In addition to reviewing the City’s parkland policies in relation to current legislation and municipal case studies in Ontario and abroad, The Planning Partnership’s role was to also explore options for innovative urban parkland forms and implementation tools to meet the City’s changing parkland needs.

The ultimate objective of the project was to develop and implement new policies and procedures for parkland dedication and cash-in lieu that are defensible and reflect Markham’s evolving development realities, with the aim that the City’s future parks provide the right type of space, achieve the right level of design and are located in the right place.