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Measuring the Sustainability Performance of New Development | The Planning Partnership |

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Measuring the Sustainability Performance of New Development

City of Vaughan, City of Brampton, Town of Richmond Hill, ON | 2013

The ability to measure environmental performance is critical to the ability of municipalities to effectively manage growth and intensification. The Planning Partnership, in association with Halsall Associates, developed a tool for measuring the sustainability performance of projects in the municipalities of Brampton, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan. The checklist and Excel-based tools developed as part of this study will allow municipal leaders to quantify the impacts of development and will allow policy adjustments as necessary to achieve the community vision. The metrics will demonstrate if development and redevelopment meets the sustainability goals of the individual municipalities and if resource management, the health and safety of residents, and long term financial prosperity have been taken into account.

These measurements will be used to inform comprehensive, realistic, and feasible decisions for creating healthy and complete communities. They will apply to the varied contexts of the three municipalities—rural areas to the north in the Greenbelt, industrial areas throughout, intensifying urban corridors and emerging greenfield development. The tools will apply to all project scales—secondary plans, block plans, draft plan of subdivision, and site plans.