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North Markham Urban Growth Area

City of Markham, ON | 2013-ongoing

The Planning Partnership has been retained to assist with the preparation of a Conceptual Master Plan for the 900-hectare Future Urban Area in North Markham. Under the City’s Draft Official Plan, comprehensive planning is required to identify a high level community structure, including broad land use categories, a high level road/transit and servicing network, an open space system and major community facility requirements. The Conceptual Master Plan will also identify key policy requirements, particularly with regard to York Region’s New Communities Guidelines, which will need to be addressed through more detailed Secondary Plans.

The development of the Conceptual Master Plan is an exciting opportunity that holds tremendous potential for shaping the planned neighbourhood and employment areas that will extend Markham’s excellent reputation in progressive community building, and raise the bar in order to address societal and climate change issues.

The Plan is being developed through an iterative process that actively engages the public and Staff. This collaborative process is being integrated with the ongoing sub-watershed, servicing, and transportation studies, and will lead to the development of a Master Plan that reflects the high standards of excellence in sustainable community design and growth management set by the City of Markham. The Plan will address the needs and desires of future residents, and meet the objectives of local businesses to continue Markham’s legacy as a vibrant, urban, and economically competitive community.