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Old Victoria Hospital Secondary Plan

City of London, ON | 2013

The Planning Partnership was retained by the City of London in 2012 to prepare a Secondary Plan for lands in the southeast portion of the South of Horton neighbourhood. The lands are focused around six blocks that had previously been occupied by the Old Victoria Hospital for over 100 years.

The Planning Partnership prepared a Secondary Plan for the study area that included a new land use framework with policies, designations and mapping, as well as urban design guidelines for the site. Over the course of this study, our team completed a comprehensive land needs review, an urban design analysis including transportation and view corridors studies, and an opportunities and constraints analysis. The resulting plan re-embraces the Thames River as a major structuring element for the development of community nodes, urban parks, pathways, buildings, streets, and views and vistas. The project was underpinned by an iterative consultation process, undertaken in collaboration with City staff. The final council-endorsed plan will serve as the basis for an Official Plan Amendment, with updated land use designations and policy direction for implementing the vision.