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Queen’s Park North

The Planning Partnership is leading a consultant team, including heritage experts, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and soil and turf scientists, to undertake the development of a revitalization plan for Queen’s Park North.

Queen’s Park North is a significant and cherished landscape in the heart of downtown Toronto that holds tremendous cultural, social, and ecological value. Queen’s Park is one of the earliest public parks in Canada, and the largest public green space in the central core. Queen’s Park North is home to a significant collection of mature trees, including some of the largest oak trees in the city outside of ravine areas. The goal of RE. Queen’s Park North is to celebrate the park’s history and honour its stature by creating a comprehensive plan and implementation strategy to ensure the park’s health and vitality for generations to come.

Engaging members of the Queen’s Park North community vital to ensuring the Queen’s Park North Revitalization Plan and addressed the needs and desires of the community. The consultation plan included two Public Meetings, and a series of Focus Groups with stakeholders.