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Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac)

Real Property Association of Canada | 2012 & 2013

The Planning Partnership was retained by the Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac) to undertake a series of Canada-wide Development Process Surveys. The first report was published in 2012, with a second in 2013. The reports analyze how 20 major cities in Canada compare in terms of the cost and timing of development, as well as their approach to parking, transit-oriented development, and sustainable development standards. Highlighted case studies in the report provide concrete examples of how municipalities can provide clear and predictable policies that are cross-aligned to create and a more coherent planning regime that enables developers to deliver the desired product. The reports provide REALpac with a research-based platform for developing policy positions that enable the real estate industry and municipalities to build stronger cities that are better prepared to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The Planning Partnership has now been retained by REALpac to undertake further Canada-wide surveys on the planning and development approvals process on an annual basis.