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Trent Lands Plan

Trent University, Peterborough, ON | 2012-2013

The Planning Partnership was retained by Trent University to undertake a community engagement program to inform an updated Master Plan for the University’s Endowment Lands. Our team designed a consultation strategy that was structured around three decision-making stages, with each stage building upon the other to create a viable vision for the Endowment Lands, guided by the university community. Hundreds of students, staff, faculty and residents of the local Peterborough community were consulted through in-person and online approaches at each phase. Consultation tools included public information centres, focus groups to engage key stakeholders, public design charrettes, a roving information booth, and a social media program.

The Master Plan for the Endowment Lands was unanimously endorsed by the Board of Governors six months after we began the consultation program.