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Warrensville / Van Aken Transit-Oriented Development Plan

City of Shaker Heights, OH | 2007-2008

The Planning Partnership was commissioned by the City of Shaker Heights to lead a study of the Warrensville/Van Aken transit site for development as a TOD community. The city, located in suburban Cleveland, has a long history of cutting-edge planning and design, having been designed, marketed and built as a transit suburb in the 1920’s. The study area encompassed all land within a half-mile radius of the Warrensville Center Road/Van Aken Boulevard/Chagrin Boulevard intersection.

The objective of the Plan was to create an enhanced focal point for the City of Shaker Heights that functions as both an efficient intermodal transit terminal to connect Downtown Cleveland with the eastern suburbs, and a mixed use pedestrian environment that ultimately becomes an important destination for residents and spurs economic development and investment in the station area.

Our team worked closely with City staff, the community and the developer to prepare the plan over four months. The consultation program included three collaborative workshops providing provided critical input to the design and planning process.